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Universität Osnabrück
Institut für Mathematik
Albrechtstr. 28a
D-49076 Osnabrück
Phone.: +49 541 969 2564
Fax: +49 541 969 2770


Prof. Dr. Matthias Reitzner
Phone: +49 541 969 2239
Fax: +49 541 969 2770

Winter School

The Winter School 2014 will be organised as a  workshop of several days' duration.

Dates: Monday, 17th March to Friday, 21st March 2014

Venue:  Gustav Stresemann Institut in Bad Bevensen


There are four courses of lectures planned:
A - Prof. Dr. Holger Brenner - Algebraic Combinatorial Geometry
B - Prof. Dr. Matthias Reitzner - Introduction to Stochastic Geometry
C - PD Dr. Christian Bey - Flag Algebras in Extremal Combinatorics
D - Prof. Dr. Sigrid Knust - Linear Programming: Simplex Algorithm and Software

C.2D.2Intercultural trainingB.3
B.2A.2Intercultural trainingA.3
A.1Problem session CProblem session BIntercultural trainingProblem session A
B.1PosterWalkIntercultural trainingD.3
C.1PosterWalkIntercultural training
D.1PosterC.3Intercultural training
GamesTable tennis tournament