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Research Training Group 2008

The Research Training Group Combinatorical Structures in Algebra and Topology was a post graduate programme within the University, which was mutually supported by the Algebra and Topology research groups. Its main focus as regards contents lay in discrete combinatorial structures as graphs, grids, simplicial complexes, monoidal structures and categories, as they appear both in algebra and topology.

This programme provided five PhD fellowship positions. The position holders organized the seminar lectures which took place every Tuesday and where the servitors, other members of the participating research groups and guests gave talks about their research results. A speciality was the What is? series, where important mathematical concepts were introduced to a broad audience as an overview.

Scholarship holders Projects
Simone Böttger Monoide mit annullierenden Elementen
Philip Herrmann Stabile Abbildungen äquivarianter motivischer Räume
Dang Hop Nguyen Homologische und kombinatorische Eigenschaften torischer Seitenringe
Christof Söger Algorithmen für rationale Kegel und affine Monoide
Florian Strunk Die motivische Adams-Vermutung


In Summer 2009 the members of the post graduate programme organised an international conference as an introductory workshop. A reader with detailed abstracts can be found here.