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The Research Group Cognitive Mathematics

In March 1999 the Institute of Cognitive Mathematics (IKM) was founded by the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science. When the two professorships of the IKM became vacant, the institute was dissolved in March 2015 and the working group Cognitive Mathematics was founded. In that group some of the previous work of the IKM will be continued.The name of the working group reflects its focus regarding research and teaching, which is the cognition involved in the learning and teaching of mathematics, i.e. mathematical thinking, learning and teaching processes:

    • Basic research on individual thinking processes, especially on metacognitive activities.
      This experimental way of research is undertaken using an interdisciplinary approach. The knowledge gained can also be applied beyond the narrow field of mathematical thinking.
    • Basic research on metacognitive discursive activities in teaching
      An interdisciplinary rating instrument is being developed in order to classify and judge metacognitive-discursive teaching quality in school subjects as for example history, mathematics or religion, with the help of video recordings. Read more.
    • Applied research on questions regarding a cognition-theoretically orientated mathematics education
      Knowledge gained from basic research is utilized for the simplification and accentuation of mathematical educational content, the development of new educational material as well as the curricular re-orientation in different school systems.
    • Development research on learning and teaching processes in mathematics education in Indonesia.
      In co-operation with the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematikdidaktik e.V. and the STKIP Weetebula (a teachers‘ college on the East Indonesian Island of Sumba) the results of the basic and applied research mentioned above are used in the development and research work on Sumba. Within the scope of this work, a concept is being developed and implemented in order to improve Sumbanese mathematical teaching and teacher training in a secondary school. Read more.
    • Early learning in mathematics/ computer sciene
      In a joint project of the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematikdidaktik e.V.., the team Cognitive Mathematics of the University of Cologne, and the working group Cognitive Mathematics of the University of Osnabrück, suitable game areas are being developed and tested based on theory and for the specific support of the development of mathematical computational thinking and accompanying material is being produced. Read more.