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Graduate Studies

Having achieved a master’s degree (the former diploma degree) there is, for very good students, the possibility to begin PhD studies resulting in the grant of a doctorate. The students can work in a demanding research project for several years with the target to achieve new results and to present them in their dissertation. During that time they are supervised  by a professor, the PhD supervisor.

The Ph.D. studies are to prove the student’s skills to do research on an international level and to present the results adequately (in lectures and publications). A PhD degree is the prerequisite for an academic career, but also for a leading position in many other mathematical occupational fields.

At the moment there are approx. 20 PhD students at the Institute for Mathematics. Beside Germany, they come from various countries, such as China, France, Italy, Iran, Spain, Sweden, and Vietnam.

Financial support is provided by either an assistantship or a scholarship (from various private and public organisations), which are, of course, very much sought-after.

For all issues regarding conferral of a doctorate (language training, presentation techniques, applications, social interests) please contact ZePrOs.