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Ehemalige Mitglieder

Arbeitsgruppe Kunis

Dr. Robert Kunsch
Dr. Thomas Peter
Prof. Dr. Christina Brandt

Dr. Mathias Hockmann. Sparse super resolution in microscopy: Condition, diffraction limit and trigonometric approximations Link

Dr. Markus Wageringel. Parameter recovery for moment problems on algebraic varieties Link

Dr. Dominik Nagel. The condition number of Vandermonde matrices and its application to the stability analysis of a subspace method Link

Dr. Ulrich von der Ohe. On the reconstruction of multivariate exponential sums Link

Dr. Ines Melzer. Fast and approximate computation of Laplace and Fourier transforms Link

Dr. Torsten Görner. Spherical mean values: Efficient computation by Fourier techniques and regularized reconstructions of function samples from discrete means Link

Dr. Ruben Seyfried. Summability methods for the inversion of the spherical mean operator Link

Helmholtz Nachwuchsgruppe Fast Algorithms for Biomedical Imaging
Prof. Dr. Andreas Weinmann
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Frikel
Dr. Susanne Kunis
Dr. Ruben Seyfried
Prof. Dr. Martin Ehler


Dr. Lutz Kämmerer
Prof. Dr. Jan Frederick Pietschmann
Prof. Dr. Tino Ullrich
PD Dr. Christian Bey
Prof. Dr. Martin Ehler
Prof. Dr. Philipp Birken
PD Dr. Maria Charina-Kehrein

Arbeitsgruppe Diening

Prof. Dr. Lars Diening
Dipl.-Math. Roland Tomasi
Dr. Maximilian Wank
Dr. Toni Scharle

Arbeitsgruppe Kutyniok

Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok
Prof. Dr. Pisamai Kittipoom
Prof. Dr. Kasso Okoudjou
Prof. Dr. Jakob Lemvig
Prof. Dr. Emily King
Dr. Wang-Q Lim
Prof. Dr. Xiaosheng Zhuang